Demonstrate Big with Aver PL50 Platform Document Camera

By | November 5, 2013

Document camera is the most effective way to demonstrate learning material into digital content by integrating images, audio and even video during sessions or lectures in universities of all fields. Selecting a perfect document camera depends on your needs. There are few worth buying cameras available in the market among which the Avervision is considered to be the finest document camera maker. Although, Avervision produce variety of document cameras with state of the art features but its Aver PL50 platform document camera which has made a bench mark because of its performance and ultra modern features. Aver PL50 is specially designed to give an ease to medical universities and laboratories where they need to show x-rays and documented videos to medical students. Its amazing 5 mega pixel camera projects extraordinary 3D images accompanying colour pallet.

Aver PL 50 document camera is considered to be the best and powerful with its wide 16x optical 240 full zoom and enclosed HDMI that additional helps in projecting full HD output along with audio / video playback to ensure the maximum delivery. In short, Aver PL50 cover every miner detail, delivering crisp, clear images to a large gatherings.

 Easy to Review Document with PL50

Aver PL50 Platform Document Camera is the top choice for office presentations, group sessions, and intelligence forensic investigations. With the help of USB drive accompanied by included plug and play feature you can access your documents without using a PC. It can directly project visuals up to 30 feet with just a touch. Moreover, with PL50 document camera users can make digital writings on platform plate while explaining content with a use of USB mouse or interactive pen. Likely Aver PL50 has latest version of AVer’s A+ Suite software application that comes with every single unit. This AVer’s A+ Suite also contains a library of live visual images, recordings, efficient on board annotation tools, text-to-speech (TTS), text digitization via OCR and many more. Likely, PL 50 also comes with immense storage space and SDHC card slot. PL 50 visualizer is capable of easily connects to 2VGA input/output and RS-232 and has an inbuilt LED lamp and light box with 20000 life/hours .