KOBRA 310 TS-AF C4 Office Shredder

By | March 13, 2014

KOBRA 310 TS-AF C4 Office Shredder is a cross cut auto feed model with a touch screen technology from where you will be able to handle all the functions of the shredder by simply touching the command on the screen. It has a throat size of 12.2” and can shred paper; optical media and credit cards into 3/16×1”x1-1/2” cross cut particles.

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  • Automatic Feeder that shreds up to 150 sheets
  • Designed with 2 separate set of cutting blades for paper and optical media
  • Comes with 2 bags for keeping the shredded paper separate from the media shreds
  • Integrated heavy duty chain drive with steel gears
  • Energy Smart Power Saving System
  • Electronic Power Control System

Do you need a level 4 security shredder for destroying your documents?

The KOBRA 310-TS-AF-C4 sports a level 4 security which means that it will shred your documents to the extent where no one will be able to read your documents or put back the pieces together. Most work places are comfortable with having a level 3 shredder but a level 4 machine adds an extra level of security. Another added benefit you will get from this level 4 shredder is that it will reduce the size of the total waste by shredding them into insignificant cross cut pieces and easily accommodate into 36-gallon waste bin.

Why do you think you should use an automatic feed shredding machine?

Feeding the shredder manually for a long time until the entire stack has been shredded is not even the least exciting activity in the world. KOBRA 310-TS-AF-C4 office shredder can shred 31 sheets of paper at a time but has the capability of automatically shredding up to 150 sheets through a special automatic feeder. It has two separate sets of cutting blades for paper and optical media. Moreover, 310-TS-AF-C4 also has two distinct bags for keeping the debris of paper and optical media separately.

How does a control panel with a touch screen technology make shredding easy?

The control panel of this cross cut office shredder is built with touch screen technology so that you can activate all the functions by simply touching the screen of the shredder.  It will make operating the shredder easy and convenient since it’s a user-friendly touch screen simple to operate.

Why is KOBRA 310-TS-AF-C4 known as a Super Potential Power Unit?

It has been designed with 24-hour continuous duty motor and a heavy-duty chain drive with steel gears for a top notch shredding performance. You can shred all day long without taking time for a cool down. Moreover, staples and small metal paper clips will not affect the carbon hardened cutting knives of this shredder.

What other features you should consider?

  • Electronic Power Control System: Keeps you on track with the number of sheets you feed in the machine. It indicates the moment you increase the load or feed the shredder more than it can handle. It’s a great feature that will help optimize shredding with any jams.
  • Automatic Reverse: The 310-TS-AF-C4 shredder stops paper jams and delivers smooth shredding operations as it comes equipped with an automatic reverse. It reverses the process immediately as it senses a jam is going to occur.
  • Energy Smart Saving System: Save on your electricity cost by using this powerful cross cut shredder. It will go in stand by mode if you don’t operate it in 8 seconds time. Moreover, if you still have not touched the screen for shredding in the next f4 hours, it will automatically shut off.

Why you should opt for optional Auto-Oiler facility?

If you want to free yourself from the stress of lubricating the blades of the shredder and its maintenance, it is highly recommended that you get it pre-installed when buying 310-TS-AF-C4. It’s a pre-wired machine and all it requires is ask your manufacturer to hook it up properly to get your tension off getting messy with the oil.

KOBRA is a leading industry in brands of shredders designed to cater for a broad range of applications. Keeping in mind what the customers want and what their competitors are doing, KOBRA shredders never fail to impress its market with its innovative attributes and technology it incorporates in its shredding machines.