LG 60PB6600 Smart TV

By | February 13, 2014

LG 60PB6600 Smart TV is a 60” screen which functions as a computer in addition to performing its standard functions as a television. Connected to the Internet the users can browse and perform other functions, which are only possible through a smartphone or a computer. LG is considered to deliver the most complete Smart TV experience. The main interface of LG 60PB6600 comprises of 4 main functions, with the left section displaying the currently watching programs and apps. Its center section that is called premium is designed for streaming contents like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Youtube directly from your TV. Now you will be able to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, gaming, apps and more in HD quality in the comfort of your living room. Last but not the least, LG 60PB6600 smart TV’s right section is solely reserved for the 3D content. The rest of the apps are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The LG 60PB6600 Smart TV features a complete third party App Store with 610 apps. With the range of included new applications and functionalities, LG 60” Smart TV will make your viewing experience more attractive, interactive and enjoyable. The LG Smart TV dashboard is the gateway to content, the web and the apps from where the users can download and use apps from multiple categories including games, entertainment, news/information, life and education. Users will be able to access the dashboard from the magic motion remote control that is one of the best features of 60PB6600. It hardly has any buttons on it and is used like a Wii gaming controller. This intuitive remote control lets you easily select features on the TV with just a wave of your hand. In addition, LG 60PB6600 Smart TV allows you to store large number of movies and data in the television itself for later use or sharing with friends and family.

Looking at the capabilities of LG 60” Smart TV, we can see the ease and fun the device has to offer to its consumers in the comfort of their living room. Now you don’t need to leave your television in the room to perform all the other tasks needed to connect to the World Wide Web. The LG 60PB6600 Smart TV is a complete state-of-the-art solution that gives stunning full HD 1080p visual quality with unlimited possibilities of accessing entertainment.