LG 60PB6900 3D TV

By | February 11, 2014

With the technology progression in television which started from an analog TV, followed by digital and high definition TV’s, now LG comes up with its latest 3D exhilarating experience for its customers. The LG 60PB6900 3D TV with the ability to deliver three-dimensional realism to TV viewing is a unique experience consumers are actually looking for. Now you can enjoy 3D TV movies at home like the way you do in cinemas. The LG 60PB6900 brings your programs, movies and games to life with its innovative technology wearing special glasses.  It actually eliminates the flicker from the glasses and is easy on the eyes giving you bright clear 3D image. These glasses are light and battery free, flicker free and quite economical and come with the package.

Interestingly this LG 3D TV comes with a long list of 3D World app with entertainment on your fingertips. With just a click of a button you will be able to watch 3D movies, sports, music videos, education and a lot more. The sound system of LG 60PB6900 3D TV gives you a much immersive experience as the 3D sound is well synchronized with the 3D images. Is addition, it also has an adjustable level of 3D effect so that you can enjoy your 3D movies the way you desire and it also allows you to convert any visual media be it a regular TV program, Blu-ray or photos into 3D. Even when not used as a 3D TV, LG 60PB6900 will deliver remarkable picture quality. Also it has a great wide viewing angle for the audiences to enjoy movie as they do in 3D cinema, within the comfort of their own living room. If you’re really keen to have a 3D experience without going to cinemas, it may be worthwhile to invest in LG 60PB6900 3D TV