Logitech BCC950 Conference Camera

By | November 5, 2013

Logitech Conference Cam, at an extremely affordable price

The Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam is the video conferencing cam which comes with pan, tilt and zooms for easy adjustment of video during conference. It is aimed at business users as it easily uses a lot of cues from the meeting and conference rooms. It has large speakers and a microphone grille built in the base and allows users to easily collaborate over the video conferences. Now there is no need for spacious rooms for expensive conference room systems to huddle in a corner for a video chat. This conference camera easily meets all your conference needs.

 This conference camera is shaped in a round ball that can be carried around and placed anywhere with a round hole in the base and can also be mounted on a stick to have it at eye level while at your desk. It has amazing tilt and zoom features that makes it easier to have a better view of the objects under discussion. It comes with terminating and answering buttons and volume controls with a microphone mute button so you can talk in privacy if necessary.

 It has consistent and natural colour that is not much affected by the lighting in the environment or brightness. It has an amazing autofocus and focuses well on objects while live video streaming is in the progress. It has really easy installation and there is no need to install any software as it has quick plug and play functionality. The camera has a height extender of 8 feet with a USB cable that allows you to adjust the camera distance and height according to what brings out the best angles possible during meetings.

 Overall this camera is packed with many features and is available at low cost. The pixel and picture quality is good when it comes to capturing fast images and movements; it’s easy to use and looks good while kept in a conference room. Also it gives accurate color and has an excellent quality microphone and audio quality. It comes with a remote control so you can easily control it during your meetings to answer/end calls and to set the volume. The remote control also controls zoom and mute of the camera.