VDO360 PTZ Video Conferencing Camera

By | September 17, 2013

The VDO 360 is out in the market with amazing new features and at a price that truly defines that video conferencing can go on a suitable budget. If you are looking for a camera that has a remarkable quality and a price that is three times less than that of similar featured cameras, then this is the camera is the one for you! The VDO 360 is the forefront product of the industry bringing you a first class, high definition USB camera that is compatible with almost all operating systems including; Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS X/Lion. This video conferencing camera operates on a plug and play system with almost any CPU.

Now web based video conferencing becomes even easier with VDO 360. To use this camera now you don’t need any additional hardware or PCI cards. The VDO 360 has a patented FPF focus system where you can zoom into your subject faster through its large pan/tilt shooting range. The FPF lens have a focus range of 300 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.

This camera has simplified visual communication for you by offering you clear and crisp quality video, which takes your web and visual conferencing to another level within an affordablerange.

The VDO 360 has won the award of INFOCOMM best VTC camera bringing you the USB revolution. It also comes with an amazing 12X zoom and it’s small in size making it portable and handy. On the backside of this camera you will find USB 2 port, RS232 and the power port. Other features that you get with this camera are remote control with the zoom, focus and your pan/tilt and zoom controls. So now you are free from the hassle of fixing and zooming our camera every minute, now all you have to do is sit back and operate the camera from the remote control.

The infrared remote control can be operated effectively from a distance of 7m and it has a standard tripod bracket screw holes to make installation easy for you. It has low light CMOS lens and effective pixels of 1280X720. The Video 360 is the perfect camera for Video conferencing, courtroom learning, distance learning, corporate training and general surveillance.